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Quickly and Easily Attracting the Results and Experience You Desire…
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  • Learn to Effortlessly Manifest What You Want

    Would you like to get better results with less effort?

    The Manifesting for Non-Gurus approach quickly and easily helps you create lasting change in a business environment and in your personal life. The approach is a fundamental shift for people that teaches them to take a few critical steps before charging forward into action, allowing them to create greater, quicker results with far less effort.

    Manifesting for Non Gurus Book and Journal

    The book and journal are designed to teach the principles of the Manifesting for Non Gurus approach so that individuals can immediately implement them into their daily lives. The approach outlined in the books is used as the foundation for the training, coaching and speaking to educate businesses, groups and associations, as well as to individuals in the Master Manifesters program.

    MFNG Front Cover

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    For Companies

    Robert MacPhee, the founder of the Manifesting for Non Gurus approach, trains executives and groups  to implement the approach into the daily work environment to get better, faster, easier results individually and as a whole.  He speaks and provides training at companies and conferences nationwide tailored to specific topics and areas of interest based on his approach.

    For Individuals

    The Manifesting for Non Gurus book and journal teaches individuals the five-step Manifesting for Non Gurus approach to successfully make the changes you desire, so you can effortlessly lose weight, increase income, attract the ideal relationship, etc. to lead a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. In the Master Manifesters program Robert offers deep insights to participants on how to implement the approach into their daily lives in a focused, consistent manner that can create dramatic results for participants.

    The simple, five-step Manifesting for Non-Gurus approach that Robert teaches to both groups and individuals can be put to immediate use, and our clients often see results right away.

    1.  Who are you?

    2. What are you intending to attract?

    3. How will you feel?

    4. Let go of attachments.

    5. Take inspired action.

    What if THAT was the way we were all approaching our lives every day?

    With clarity of purpose and intent, taking inspired action to have the experience of life we want……

    This is an approach that can lead to some very different results.

    A MESSAGE FROM ROBERT MACPHEE……….Robert MacPhee is the author of Manifesting for Non-Gurus.  He is a Founding Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders and the former Director of Training for Jack Canfield.

    I do not claim to have “invented” this work.  I literally feel like it was gifted to me with a responsibility to share it with others.  I especially enjoy sharing it with business owners wanting to get faster and better results, as well as with people who have been students of personal development but are still not getting the lasting results they want.

    It is so exciting for me to share this work and help our clients quickly and effortlessly create the results they want.  Many of us are so used to life being difficult, it’s quite magical to discover that it does not have to be that way. 

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